Q&Q Holding Co. Ltd


Q&Q is committed to quality. As one of the oldest SATRA member in Asia, we have always been up to date with our standards. Our soles are fully in compliance with REACH. With both an internal testing lab and external lab partners in our customers’ home countries, we are sure that our products would meet our customers’ specifications. We have developed different kinds of  rubber compounds in order to suit a wide range of styles from ladies evening shoes to heavy-duty footwear.

Standard compound (2Q/3Q)

A standard compound which corresponds to the standard of the rubber sheets for soles (SATRA Soling guidelines).
Recommended for formal or casual footwear for both men and women.

Superior compound (J)

A particular compound designed to give increase durability and abrasion resistance.

Premium compound (4Q)

A premium grade compound which offers high-quality and excellent abrasion resistance.
Good for stitching. Recommended for men shoes (heavy-duty footwear) or shoe repairs.

Flexible compound (F)

This compound offers remarkable softness and absorbs ground contact forces effectively.
It also enhances comfort required by classic footwear.

Ventura compound (V)

This compound presents malleable qualities with specified hardness.
It can provide any desirable form after skiving and shaping the edges.

Ultra soft Compound (U)

A soft compound  (solid rubber), provides  distinguished  flexibility for soles
and excellent abrasion resistance, an ideal for anti slip soles.
Recommend on unit soles